September 16, 2013

Hamilton Furniture Rental

It is a market fact that staged homes sell faster and for higher sale prices. Statistics prove that staged properties sell twice as fast as unstaged homes and average 6.4% over list.

Our product is tailored not only for professional home stagers but also for individual homeowners and real estate professionals who plan to undertake staging projects themselves. Our user-friendly site helps you pair up great furniture looks that go together taking the guess work out of what to select.

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To help you get started with staging your home, we’ve included some helpful information here. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, need help, or if you’re ready to get started! To learn more about us, please click here.

How to stage the perfect bed

The perfect staged bed starts with luxurious bedding. At The Rental Dept most of our bedding sets come with a beautiful comforter, matching or co-ordinating shams, bed skirt, sheet set and accent cushion(s).
Start by placing the bed skirt over the box spring allowing it to fall evenly to the ground disguising the bed frame. The fitted sheet will cover the mattress and allow you to start building the look. For queen and king beds, we recommend you use four sleeping pillows in total (we rent pillow forms). Two pillows get placed in the shams while the other two in the pillow cases from the sheet set. Make sure to use the right size pillows for your bed. Place the sheet set pillows upright against the headboard or wall and the shams upright in front of them. If you’re using euro shams (we rent them too!) they get placed against the headboard or wall first. Add the flat sheet then the comforter making sure they’re evenly placed on the bed with ample drop on the sides and end of the bed.

Now turn down the flat sheet and the bed cover together by about 8-10” toward the foot of the bed so the fitted sheet is exposed, then fold again to create a crisp hotel look. Finish the look with an accent throw (yes, for sure we rent them) placed at the end of the bed and add a couple of accent cushion (lots of toss cushions to choose from) and now you have a show-stopping bed!

Decorating with Flowers & Greenery

A great way to add colour and warmth to a room or empty table top is to use silk flowers and other greenery. Many would think real flowers and plants are best but not only do they die and need replacing over time but many people today have allergies to flowers or a sensitivity to smell. Today’s silk plants (especially orchids) look like the real thing and never need watering. Our selection of rental accessories includes an array of real-looking plants, succulents, orchids and stems plus we carry a wide range of decorative vases & vessels.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are one of the most important accessories you can use when staging your home. They can add light reflection when placed opposite a window as it brings in more light. Their reflection can make a small tight space appear larger and they can certainly add drama and sparkle to any room. The Rental Dept carries many different shapes and sizes that offer more versatility. A large ornate mirror placed above a fireplace mantel or over a beautiful dining room console creates a grand focal point. A focal point should be the “wow” factor you feel when you enter a room. The more ornate the frame, the more interest and appeal it has. The more contrast it has against the wall, the better drama it creates.

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